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Benefits of Hot Yoga

Cleanse the toxins for better health

Toxins build up in your blood, tissues, organs and muscles regularly as a natural process of living. Large amounts of toxins are released while performing Hot Yoga through exertion in elevated temperatures, resulting in profuse sweating. It is a level of cleansing above traditional yoga.

Safely increase strength to prevent injury

The use of heat in the rejuvenation of injured or strained muscles is well documented. Our unique heating system warms your body from the outside while you warm your body from the inside through slow and deliberate movements. This increases blood flow to the areas that need attention. This strengthening of muscles can help prevent future injury to vital organs and joints.

Safely reduce joint damage while increasing mobility

High impact exercises can damage your joints. Movement in Hot Yoga is low impact. Slow and controlled, but still requiring a high level of exertion, joints are protected and calories are burned making it a great way to get fit. Being more mobile means more enjoyment of life.

Live longer with a stronger heart

Traditional yoga alone increases your heart rate. Add elevated temperatures and the heart rate can increase more. The more you safely and gradually increase your heart rate, the more flow to vital areas of your body and the stronger your heart becomes—it is, in fact, a muscle that requires a regular work out.

Live more mindfully

Every day our mind is drawn further away from our bodies. Especially now, the power of making a mind-body connection cannot be over-stated. Routinely engaging in controlled breathing, deliberate motion and elevated temperatures brings your mind and body together in ways that traditional yoga cannot. You’ll end each class with a wonderful heightened physical sensation and elevated awareness.

Turn the heat up on weight management

Yoga increases your heart rate and burns calories. We’ve found that Hot Yoga can dial up the burn because in elevated temperatures you must breathe more to regulate your body’s temperature. Increasing the amount of oxygen consumed during Hot Yoga can increase the amount of net calories burned. Also, you can move safely; and thereby, more often perform the stretching and strengthening of muscles that fuel calorie burn.

Defend against illness

Hot Yoga increases flow of the lymphatic system—the backbone of your bodies defense against illness. A healthy diet and regular physical activity that improves the immune system is one of the surest ways to stay healthy. Living a stress free life takes deliberate action. Though we can’t always change everything going on around us we can be more active and change our outlook.

Hot Yoga is all about dialing up the heat on traditional yoga to increase sweat production which can greatly reduce stress and improve the way we perceive our life.

Live more life without more stress

The pace and stresses of life increase day to day. When under stress, adrenaline and cortisol (which aid in our “fight or flight” response) increase in your body. Once the threat is gone, hormone levels return to normal. If however, your body’s fight or flight response is constantly on, detrimental states of anxiety, depression, digestive problems, weight gain, heart disease, memory and concentration impairment and many others can result.

Living a stress free life takes deliberate action, but not all stressors can be controlled or reduced. We can control our physical exertion. Hormones have been proven to be released while sweating, and Hot Yoga is all about dialing up the heat on traditional yoga to increase sweat production, which can then greatly reduce stress.