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We offer all you need (and more) to enjoy Hot Yoga to its fullest. In person, before or after class, or by email, we’re willing and happy to answer any questions

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Mats & Towels

Rocktown Hot Yoga

More than just padding

Mats run the gamut of materials and thicknesses. Most are generally the same size, but all are certainly not created equal. They prevent injury to muscles and joints by providing support but that’s just the beginning. Yogis tend to own more than one. Why is that?

Loaner mats are available. Ask an instructor the next time you’re in the Studio.

Taking it all in

Yoga in elevated temperatures can create a lot of sweat. Never intended to be used alone, towels provide traction and absorption when used in conjunction with your yoga mat. Are some towels created better than others?

Tops & Bottoms

Rocktown Hot Yoga

Dress for success

Over the last three decades, the materials yoga apparel is made of has expanded greatly. It shows no signs of slowing down. Are natural fibers obsolete? What are the benefits of a blend?

During yoga, feet, arms, head, neck, shoulders, torso, hands—seemingly everything moves. During hot yoga the material you wrap yourself in must accommodate changing positions and sweating. Too tight or too loose can be restrictive. We all know a perfect fit is not always possible so how to make the best choice?

Hydration Vessels

Rocktown Hot Yoga

Channel your inner Aquarius

Visit the studio if you would like to purchase your favorite color Rocktown Hot Yoga water bottle.


Rocktown Hot Yoga

Yoga is a way of life—express it

Expressing your passion for Hot Yoga can take several forms. We continually offer new and creative ways to do it.